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Our value promise

Learn to dream

We strengthen the autonomy of our students, providing them with tools to build and achieve their dreams.

How do we do it and what are our resources?
We focus on the development of the being and respect for differences. In addition, we are a bilingual school (English and Spanish, and French as a third language) of academic excellence and we have an international curriculum that allows international exchanges to Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA and France, as well as student counseling for higher studies abroad.

On the other hand, we have teachers of different nationalities, we promote sports and integrated arts, and we have the Crea Center for development and learning, which responds to the needs of students and families from psychology, nutrition, and speech therapy. and occupational therapy. All this in 46 thousand square meters of campus.

Our Principles

The integrality of a being

We believe in the integrality of the human being and, therefore, we generate processes for the development and practice of democracy, autonomy and cooperation. In addition, we provide spaces and experiences to build a society in peaceful coexistence, we promote respect for the other Through their recognition as similar and different, we promote the construction of identity, we generate scenarios that promote decision-making and we have an open, flexible and multiple teaching methodology, according to individual differences, where Spanish, English and French are constituted as one of the fundamental axes of learning in this institution.

We are a space to learn to live, to think and share, respecting differences

"We believe in the integrality of being"

La Arboleda school is distinguished by an active pedagogy, whose purpose is to fully educate its students so that they are competent in understanding themselves and the world that surrounds them; that they are able to carry out their life projects, both in the present and in the future, and to act in a positive and proactive way to build a harmonious life in balance with themselves, with their family and with the society where they live.

Our High School graduates´s Profile

At Colegio La Arboleda we are committed to the formation of ethical and academically competent citizens, respectful of differences, situated in a global and changing world. Likewise, it is proposed that this training be supported by the values of love, respect , the sense of belonging and responsibility, all this in order that these citizens can contribute from their human and academic formation to the improvement of our society.

We are Redcol

We are part of the Colegios Redcol holding, a company committed to the creation and management of educational projects, ensuring the vision of a better world through the best schools. Together with 9 other educational institutions, located in Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Medellín, Bogotá and Cali, we make up the largest network of private schools in the country.

Empathic and close relationships with families and students are our essence and that is why we constantly strive to maintain them and make La Arboleda a space to learn to live, think and share while respecting differences.

We are family


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